Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Posted by: Mr Shaikh (Business) 27 February 2019

Plasma cutting is a process that is used to cut steel and other metals of different thicknesses (or sometimes other materials) using a plasma torch. In this process, an inert gas (in some units, compressed air) is blown at high speed out of a nozzle; at the same time an electrical arc is formed through that gas from the nozzle to the surface being cut, turning some of that gas to plasma. The plasma is sufficiently hot to melt the metal being cut and moves sufficiently fast to blow molten metal away from the cut.Plasma Cutters are able to cut many conductive materials including Mild Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Stainless Steel. The most popular material cut in the industry is mild steel which also gives the best cutting results.

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