07 February 2020
Belly Killer!  Alshifa churan
Belly Killer! Alshifa Churan

The secret of a fit and healthy body is here!
The problem of all diseases starts with the stomach and ends with the stomach. It is too important to maintain a healthy weight. So if you want to look fit and healthy so firstly you should take a step to overcome your stomach problems and belly fat. Now no need to worry it’s too easy to remove your all digestive and belly problem because we provide you Alshifa Churan.
Alshifa churan is a herbal product. It has synergistic power of Fennel, black salt, asafoetida, celery, rock salt which pushes your body into the burning fat mode. It can be used by men and women. Alshifa Churan is a herbal and vegetarian product. It is a non-side effect product. Alshifa Churan is produced by M.F.B Herbal. M.F.B herbal is a trusted and respected name in IndianUnani & Ayurveda herbal industry.
• Belly Fat:
Alshifa churan is a powerful fat-burning churan .It is good at to reduce belly fat. It removes your belly fat and brings your body into a shape
• Weight loss:
Excess weight is one of the most dreaded health demons and also the foundation of many other health problems. If you are looking for easier ways to keep your weight down, Alshifa Churan may help you in achieving that.
• Digestive Problems:
Alshifa Churan has moderate laxative action, so it is useful for the treatment of acute constipation and digestion. It helps to overcome your all digestive and stomach problems.
• Helps in other Diseases
It’s also beneficial in other diseases like blood sugar level, relieves joint pain, back ache, excess gas and acidity.
• Dosage and direction for use:
Take two teaspoons full of Alshifa Churan , mix it properly in one cup lukewarm water and have it before bedtime or use as directed by the physician.
Avoid milk, Non vegetarian foods (fish/eggs/meat) and oily foods.
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Contact: Dr.Umar Qureshi
Company: MFB Herbal Dawakhana
Address: Anand Mehal Takies kailsa Road Amroha ( U.P) 244221
Telephone Number: 0091- 9045104411
Email: mfbherbal12@gmail.com

Contact: MFB Herbal Dawakhana
phone icon 9045104411

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