28 July 2020
Cyber Virus That Took His Path With Coronavirus

IFERP will help you enlighten your cybersecurity awareness with this webinar. We’ll explore such critical topics such as the need for cybersecurity, types of threats exposed, the best security measures, and what you can do personally to be more secure when using the internet. In this modern era, dependence on computer systems, internet and wireless communication such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and also due to the demand in smart devices such as smart phones, laptops, etc. has increased the number of cyber-attacks and cyber criminals. Cyber-attack is now an international concern and has become increasingly sophisticated and dangerous. Tools and techniques for hacking have increased as the internet has grown and it is now much easier to attack a business or an individual in this way. Cybersecurity keeps us safe from hackers, cyber criminals, and other agents of fraud. Cybersecurity is also one of the crucial challenges in the current scenario.

URL: https://www.iferp.in/webinar/cyber-virus-malicious-malware-hackers-webinar.php

Contact: MAHE

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