23 April 2019
Franchise Business Opportunities in Assam
Franchise Business Opportunities In Assam

Assam shares both national and international borders equally and is called the gateway to the North eastern part of India. Of many accolades, Assam is known for its largest economy from the North eastern regions of our country. Owing to this success is its diverse industries and the state being hub of mineral resources. The state being not only agrarian as the core, it also has the major tea plantation globally. Apart from these, there bio-diverse, food processing, wild life tourism, agro industry, Herbal and Ayurvedic products, Pharmaceutical, and the list goes on. When there are options so varied, the chances of opting for one industry could be tough. This is where experts of Franbs come in handy. Visit our website www.franbs.com to understand our work and the franchising opportunities we can confer.

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