17 June 2019
Healthcare Software Implementation CustomSoft
Healthcare Software Implementation CustomSoft

Custom Soft is leading Software development and Implementation Company in India expertise in healthcare Software Development and Implementation. Healthcare Software implemented by CustomSoft is one stop solution for healthcare industry:

2500+ actual users are using healthcare software developed and implemented by CustomSoft India

We assure 100% client satisfaction and 100% ROI.

Healthcare Software implemented successfully by CustomSoft are-

Implementation of Hospital management system (HMS)
Implementation of Healthcare Database Management Software (DMS)
Implementation of Healthcare HL7 Software integration
Implementation of Electronic Medical Record System (EMR)
Implementation of Electronic health record system Software (EHR)
Implementation of Practice Management Software
Implementation of Clinical Software
Implementation of Medical Billing and Coding Software
Implementation of Health Insurance Software

Custom Soft, customize web and mobile app development and Implementation company based in Pune, India. CustomSoft Implemented high featured Healthcare Software for clients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Dubai etc.

CustomSoft Implemented software for hospitals, medical practitioners, clinics and all other healthcare industries

To know more Healthcare software Implementation by CustomSoft visit-

Feel free to send your requirement at info@custom-soft.com

Contact: CustomSoft

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