06 July 2020
Herbal Treatment for Weight Loss! Alshifa Churan
Herbal Treatment For Weight Loss! Alshifa Churan

Weight lose is a very hectic journey for fatty ones. We all want to look fit and attractive but due to lack of knowledge of herbal formula it's a difficult task. Considering exercise only way to get rid of bad fat people think losing weight is a tough job.
Alshifa churan is a herbal product. It has synergistic power of Fennel, black salt, asafoetida, celery, rock salt which pushes your body into the burning fat mode. It can be used by men and women.
Dosage and direction for use:
Take two teaspoons full of Alshifa Churan, mix it properly in one cup lukewarm water and have it before bedtime or use as directed by the physician.
Avoid milk, Non vegetarian foods (fish/eggs/meat) and oily foods
For further details on Alshifa Churan contact us at +91- 9045104411 or email us at mfbherbal12@gmail.com

Contact: Alshifa Churan

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