20 August 2019
Holland is the Number 1 location for your European
Holland Is The Number 1 Location For Your European

Visitors of course know the famous Dutch tulips, windmills, wooden shoes and the Amsterdam Parliament. For international business people, the famous commercial sites are Schiphol Airport, The Hague and Europe's largest marine port, the port of Rotterdam.

Successful multinational companies such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Cisco, Huawei and hundreds of other international companies do business in the Netherlands. These companies choose the Netherlands as their European marketing and sales office, service center, R&D, logistics and data storage center for European headquarters or major locations.

Most of these international companies are active in agricultural products, chemicals, information technology, high technology, telecommunications, gaming, the Internet of Things, life sciences, healthcare, energy and aerospace industries. Here are some reasons why foreign companies prefer the Dutch business, but not all.

Holland is the digital, commercial and logistics gateway to Europe. We are close to Europe's 500 million consumers, the largest commercial center and the largest shipping port in Europe, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg.

The Dutch travel, logistics and digital infrastructure are first class. Our world-class Schiphol Airport, the top port of Rotterdam, highways, railways, inland, aviation infrastructure and fast digital distribution and storage networks.

The Dutch people have international orientation and experience in international trade. 90% of Dutch people speak English, which is the lingua franca of global business. Many Dutch people are also multilingual, including German, Spanish and French. The Netherlands has more than 175 nationalities.

The Netherlands has a stable and attractive financial, economic and legal business environment. Just ask thousands of multinational companies and SMEs that already have physical or administrative business entities in the Netherlands.

On Demand International can help you launch, promote and expand your European events through the Netherlands: fast, simple and fully in line with international law.

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