02 June 2020
Looking for forging team spirit? Try these simple
Looking For Forging Team Spirit? Try These Simple

Any organization, irrespective of scale and brand, needs one essential component: Team work.

While it takes effort to form a formidable team; it is equally difficult keep the team spirit going. Many times ridiculously simple team building activities can lead to good results.

A prominent media company in Delhi was facing issues despite having a brilliant team. That’s when the Head of Sales, decided to do some team building activities in Delhi. The catch was however not letting out the underlying objective of these team building activities. One morning, all the team members in Delhi got an email about a weekend trip to a resort.

The team building activities started with division into sub teams mainly comprising of individuals who had issues with each other. The carrot was the announcement by the CEO that the winning team would get a special incentive.

Mystery Box: In the first activity each team was given a set of clues and they had to crack them to locate the Mystery box, hidden somewhere in the resort. This had the team members communicate and discuss fervently.

Motorcycle Relay: The next activity was a motorcycle relay race, where during every change the team members had to change to a new set of tyres. Again, team members had to work in tandem to keep track of routes, ensure speedy change of tyres in minimum time.

Assemble a Building: Each team was given a set of building blocks. All the blocks had to be perfect in order to assemble the entire unit. Even if one of the teams failed, the building could not be assembled.

After these team building exercises in Delhi, the team got a ground understanding of team spirit. In due course, the company got to see the affect in its market share.


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