01 June 2019
LSAT India
LSAT India

For many reasons, both the good and the bad; the Law School Admission Committee rely heavily on LSAT (and undergraduate GPA) in making their admission decision. Do not fool to believe in yourself that your remaining application is so strong; that it will be the reason of the law school to ignore your equal LSAT – in very few cases it is true. LSAT India is used as part of a two-step process. In the first step; the Law School sees your LSAT (and GPA) relative to its target median range – is expect to achieve the school with its admission class in the range of 25th to 75th percentile. The specific category for each school is available through the school’s ABA Standard 509 Information Report (often refer to as “509” of the school). LSAT India helps you prepare for entrance exam with all experienced faculty and top facilities.

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