18 May 2019
Makrana white marble Supplier
Makrana White Marble Supplier

Makrana white marble Supplier

Makrana Marble is a brand of high quality, Suitable for use in sculpture and building decor. Makrana Marble separation into different categories according to its design and pattern. Makrana Marble is extremely used in residential & commercial buildings, temples, mosques, monuments; it can be used for decorative purposes in houses, office, and hotels. Makrana marble price in India in very less. Makrana marble is very popular in India and extremely used. Makrana marble is basically a good quality of marble. These marbles have a white color and many more colors. Makrana marble was used in the construction of Taj mahal. The different shades of makrana marble are pure white, white with grey shades and white with pink shades. It is one of the best as well as highly recommended stone for stone floor designs which gives comfort look to the home. It is mainly used for handicraft and sculpture work.
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Website: https://www.bhutrastones.com/

Phone No: 9001156068
Address: Ahead Bharat Petroleum (Nrl) , Kalidungri, Makrana Road, Kishangarh - 305801 (Raj.) INDIA
Email: bhutrastones11@gmail.com

Contact: Aashish Bhutra
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