20 May 2020
Project Management Software
Project Management Software

Project management is one of the business processes that has suffered a setback recently, with the worldwide lockdowns and social isolation/quarantine rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Being a complicated process with lots of moving parts even in normal conditions, current restrictions of transport and physical interaction between humans have created multiple obstacles that can only be overcome using digital project management tools.

The TYASuite’s Project Management software offers an integrated cloud platform that can automate and streamline your project management at minimum cost and maximum efficiency. With a full deck of plug-and-play tools, the TYASuite’s Project Management software helps you –

Plan, monitor and manage projects seamlessly with multi-level access and controls
Assign tasks to employees, monitor task progress and results across locations
Monitor, approve and disburse expenses for tasks across employees, teams and vendors
Gain actionable insights and meaningful oversight through robust reporting tools and data analysis
Maintain real-time control over projects, tasks, results and expenses with constant notifications and useful alerts
The Project Management software is part of an integrated cloud ERP solution, allowing you to track and manage all your business processes from one single source, via mobile apps or laptops.

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