17 April 2020
Vests for Men - Buy Mens Vests Online at Best Pric
Vests For Men - Buy Mens Vests Online At Best Pric

Men's Cotton Biowash Graphic Printed Vests

Product Description
Visit Caseria.in for Men's Cotton Biowash Graphic Printed Vests - Men's Cotton Vests. Here is a range of clothing with graphics printed Vests that helps you to express yourself. Made from 100% Cotton, it is an all season’s comfort wear. Funny, quirky and humorous designs are bound to add conversations. In addition to that, the fabric is comfortable in high humid conditions. The print is light weight and keeps the Vests airy. Our printing technique helps it to last very very long. Printing: Screen printing that will last very long. The printing is done in-house to ensure quality and consistency Colours are added in layers to ensure they look bright on all fabric. Shop Now!! http://www.caseria.in/ or call 9969500200

Contact: Akshar Stationery

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