01 July 2020
Yoga Blogging knowledge philosophy, meditation,
Yoga Blogging Knowledge Philosophy, Meditation,

Yoga Blogging provides knowledge yoga practice, mantra, philosophy, meditation, poses, and more
Whatis Yoga Introduction and Importance
Yoga is not limited to just doing some posture (Asanas), Pranayama, or Meditation. According to Indian mythology and Vedas (ancient write of Hindus), there is a belief of reincarnation in which our physical body is just a medium to our soul for action (karma) and soul comes out of the body whenever we die and change the body
Meditation and Its Benefits
Meditation is a state where we can possibly achieve the stage of focused and one-point-centered (in Hindi “Ekagrata”) mind because nothing is faster than mind not even light that is why our mind is either present somewhere or absent.
Whatis Pranayama Yoga ?
Pranayama yoga is one of the most important aspects of yoga, the ultimate aim of achieving from pranayama is “lightness” and “stability” on the mind and body. Pranayama is made up of the two words Prana and Ayama, Prana means “life force or energy” and Ayama signifies“regulation”. Thus pranayama means regulating or controlling life energy.


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