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Published 21 Apr 11:46am
Gujarat, Delvada

Offer for wholesale Mobile phones of all kind and Electronics in General.

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Offer for wholesale Mobile phones of all kind and Electronics in General.
Gujarat, Delvada,
Published 21 Apr 11:46am


All our products are sold at 80% of the original market price, all are brand new, original direct from the manufacturer, and in the box never opened.

We offer the best online retail and wholesale and ensure 100% satisfaction and delivery.

Don't waste your time and money on scams. Buy mobile phones and electronic products from us at wholesale prices. We are a verified wholesale supplier of mobile phones and other electronic products to Europe, USA, Asia, Central Asia and the Ocean. All our products are Factory Unlocked, Brand New, Factory Sealed with complete accessories. We do not sell a clone product or a replica.

Here is the list of cell phones we sell below:

Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Sony Xperia, OnePlus, Google Pixel, NOKIA, HUAWEI, CAT, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo, Asus, ZTE, Alcatel, Microsoft, Vodafone, Micromax, BLU, Maxwest, Acer, Panasonic.

We sell wholesale products and various brands of new electronics, such as: Mobile Phone, Apple Airpod, Sony PlayStation, refrigerator, Laptop, Ipad, TV, Camera, Games Console, Musical Instruments, Computer, MSI GeForce, Cisco switch, Antminer, Baby stroller and many moreand TV.

We are very focused on the needs of our customers and provide our customers with products of excellent quality.


E: mail: vtechelectronicseurop77@gmail.com
Skype: vtechelectronicseurop77
Name: Radomil Walczak
Gujarat, Delvada