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Glass containers & lunch boxes for you by Allo Innoware

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Glass containers & lunch boxes for you by Allo Innoware
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Tiffin Ideas for Kids

One of the toughest challenges of being a parent is to make sure your kids eat their lunch properly. Everyone has seen those ads about how these are the growth years, and nutrition is so necessary. While health drinks may offer you the perfect supplement, getting your children to eat nutritious food is still a tough thing to do. This is especially the case when you have to pack their lunch for school. Since you will not be supervising this particular meal, it becomes essential to make it appealing enough that they eat it happily. The trick is to combine the healthy and fun elements and create meals that your kids will just love. So here are a few healthy and fun tiffin ideas for kids.
1. Sandwiches
Sandwiches are one of the most loved snacks by children. They are trendy, easy, and quick to eat, healthy, and, most importantly, give you enough flexibility to squeeze in as much nutrition as you can. You can also add different chutneys to enhance the taste and tanginess of the sandwich. You can use an airtight glass lunch box to ensure that it does not become soggy and remains fresh for hours till lunchtime so that your child can enjoy that healthy and tasty lunch happily.
2. Homemade snacks
These are one of the best things to pack in your kid’s tiffin. They are accommodating when you are running out of time or in case of emergencies. They are a big favorite among the children and will always act as your backup. Since you will be making them, you will know precisely how nutritious they are, and there will be no trouble with junk food. Some of these snacks that you can try to make are eggless chocolate chip cookies, raisin and nuts muffins, etc. you can store them in glass containers with lids or glass containers for kitchen storage, and they can be stored for many days serving as tiffin for your kids.
3. Rice recipes
These are easy to make, fancy to look at, and tasty to eat. Plus, the vegetables in it are healthy. Many recipes are made from rice and some vegetables or the other for you to experiment with. It will be easy and less time taking for you to create, and your kids will enjoy it too. You can put it in a glass lunch box with bag, and it will stay warm and fresh till lunchtime. Plus, if you use microwavable glass containers, you can just reheat it in the microwave straight from the fridge.
4. Veg noodles
Every kid loves noodles. Add veggies to it, and you have got yourself a healthy and tasty snack your kid will eat with zest. The problem with noodles is that they don’t stay warm for a long time till lunch. You can use a glass lunch box or glass tiffin box to pack it, and it will be hot and tasty to eat at lunch time. The main problem with plastic containers and lunch boxes is that they release harmful chemicals into the food, and they are not at all safe in the microwave. But glass food storage jars & containers will keep your food safe from chemicals and make your healthy meals genuinely healthy.
5. Traditional food
It is also a good idea to make your kids develop the habit of eating traditional meals like dosa, idli, or paratha. You can also make little improvisations by adding new ingredients and stuffings, which will be a big hit among children. With the new Allo Foodsafe glass lunchboxes, you do not have to worry about leakage or the food getting cold. It will keep all your curry items safe and prevent any kind of leakage, and the food will stay warm till lunchtime so that your kids will get to enjoy the traditional food.
Allo brings you lunch boxes and storage containers that use the Goodness of Glass to make every meal you have safe, fun, and delicious.

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