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Published 4 Jul 01:04pm
Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal

Do you even care about your health?

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Do you even care about your health?
Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal,
Published 4 Jul 01:04pm


Physical fitness is not all about how well you have built your body, it is more of a state of health and well-being. Physical fitness is made up of various things like your ability to perform various sports, and how well you deal with your occupational and daily challenges as well.

The way to great physical fitness is through proper diet, daily exercise, and getting yourself sufficient rest for your body's recovery.

In the period of the pre-industrial revolution, fitness was judged by how a person carried out his day to day activity without showing signs of fatigue.

With the change in time, people got more awareness of fitness and now fitness is considered as the capability of the body to efficiently and effectively perform day to day activities.

Some other aspects on which one's fitness can be measured are the resistance of the body to hypokinetic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and obesity.

There are various exercises that can be done to attain a great level of fitness but the best ones are aerobic exercises.

Never heard of Aerobic exercise before?
Aerobic exercises are also known as cardio and these exercises simply get your heart pumping well.
While performing an aerobic exercise the body pumps blood quickly through the lungs and takes in more oxygen to get to your muscles.

Basic Aerobic Exercises

Walking is something that we all do in our daily life and it is all about moving at a regular pace to a distance.

Jogging is all about running gently and with a consistent pace.
Jogging is a great exercise to maintain your stamina and your weight as well.

Sprinting is simply a faster version of jogging in which you try to run as fast as you can for a shorter distance.
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Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal