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Published 21 Nov 12:20pm
Tamil Nadu

Beach House | Villa with Swimming Pool for Rent in

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Beach House | Villa with Swimming Pool for Rent in
Tamil Nadu,
Published 21 Nov 12:20pm


Live the experience of true luxury at Croc Villa, this luxurious resort in Chennai ECR for couples and families is located in a gated community called Pearl Beach. This private beach house in ECR represents a splendid mange of coastal beauty and modern amenities. Boasting 4 deluxe rooms, 3 restaurants nearby, private swimming pool, playground area for kids, and a nice lounge, at this resort in ECR, Chennai
one can enjoy a lavish stay and dive into the pool of the superlative world of luxuries. No matter what time of holiday you are planning to relax, your stay at this Mahabalipuram beach resort will be amazing.
Are you looking for an Escape to Absolute Bliss? Imagine a stay around rhythmically ebbing silver waves, clear sky and the sound of water ripples, as little hands model sand castles and the older ones relax to the evening whistling wind. There is nothing more comforting and pleasing than a stay around the coast at a private beach resort like Croc Villa, as you unwind yourself amidst peaceful surroundings. Located just a few meters away from the shore in a gated community called Pearl Beach amidst an oasis of calm, Croc Villa offers tranquility and serenity in modern and contemporary styled rooms, with all facilities within the convenience of your own privacy.
Ideally situated on the ECR which is famous for its exquisiteness and vivacity, one can enjoy a delightful experience while being surrounded by lots of tourist spots, new-age cafes, shacks and the mushrooming of many restaurants in the vicinity.
If youre wondering how to plan a trip with toddlers, friends, family, team outings and everything in between, the idyllic beach setting sets the tide in favour of Croc Villa, winning all hearts.

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Croc Villa
Website Link: https://www.crocvilla.in/
Phone Number: (+91) 91761 81333
Address: Pearl Beach No:120, Paramankeni Village, Koovathur Way,Cheyyur Taluk,603305
Email id : [email protected]
Tamil Nadu