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Published 1 Mar 02:56pm
Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi

ISO 20000 Certification in Varanasi

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ISO 20000 Certification in Varanasi
Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi,
Published 1 Mar 02:56pm


ISO 20000 Certification can be used by an organization that is seeking services from service providers and those requiring assurance to fulfill all their service requirements.

Organizations that include supply chains require a consistent approach by service providers. Organizations or service providers demonstrate their capability for the design,

transition and service improvement which fulfills the service requirements. Those Service providers who monitor, measure and review the service management processes and

services.Through effective implementation and SMS operations a services providers who improve the design, transition, delivery, and improvement of services.

For more information and updates in the ISO 20000 Certification, keep an eye on the URS website.
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