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Published 22 Oct 11:47am
Maharashtra, Mumbai

Digitize your medical records without having to Type your Rx!

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Digitize your medical records without having to Type your Rx!
Maharashtra, Mumbai,
Published 22 Oct 11:47am


With recent regulations by the National Medical Commission, Medical Practitioners are required to digitize their Patient prescription records.

WONDRx understands that Typing the Rx would reduce your productivity and shift your focus from the Patient to the Screen. WONDRx ends this dilemma by providing you Rx digitization without forcing you to type. WONDRx Smart Rx Paper enables you to continue writing your prescriptions while getting them digitized instantly!

WONDRx Smart Rx Paper enables you to:

● Digitize your prescription as you write in real-time.

● Play and share videos during a consultation with your Patient.

● Record technical instructions and send them to your patients from your Rx Paper.

● Set reminders for the subsequent appointments from your Rx Paper.

● Get access to patient journey post-Rx for better patient adherence.

● Ensure patient data privacy and protected record-keeping.

WONDRx - Upgrading All Your EMR Needs without forcing you to Type!

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Maharashtra, Mumbai
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